Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy with a ‘Small Car with Automatic Transmission’ for Office Travel.

The ‘GenX Nano Easy Shift’ Car,
Is so easy to drive and manoeuvre,
On the chaotic roads of Bhagyanagar.
It makes the roads appear wider,
The traffic lesser,
And the parking lots bigger!

- N. Lalitha Raghu.
My son and daughter-in-law have a long distance to drive to their office, a little easily in the mornings but it is very tiring on most evenings. The distance is really not much, but heavy traffic and frequent use of Clutch and Gear Shift after a daylong work, makes the drive annoying and boring. All these years he has been driving alternatively Fiat Palio, Toyota Etios and Tata Indigo, but now for just office travel he decided to buy a small car with automatic transmission. The choice was between Tata Nano and Maruti WagonR and he choose - The Tata Nano GenX   Easy Shift, Model XTA, and he is quite happy with it. It also has manual gear shift for some situations.
I too found the Car comfortable and very convenient for City driving. This is my first experience with Automatic Transmission and a small Car and I have found it to be great, so easy to drive and manoeuver. Small Car and Automatic Transmission are a great combination and as my wife mentioned in the verse between above pictures, the advantages are very significant.
I have heard of the launch of Self-driving Cars / Autopilot Cars without steering wheel and pedals!? In a few years from now! I think one can as well sleep in such Cars and reach their destination! But it may take much longer for such technology to reach us and special adaptations will have to be made to suit our chaotic road and traffic conditions.


  1. Seems like a great choice to beat the traffic & parking woes.

    Garima, http://www.sweetsharing.com/

    1. Enjoying the experience. Thank you.

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