Monday, March 28, 2016

A Happy Weekend Holiday With People We Love – Our Family.

Last weekend we had wonderful time at a Resort full of mango trees, beautiful garden, lots of entertainment facilities and comfortable accommodation. The Resort is aptly named as Mango Retreat. It is at a serene location with a private road, far from the hustle and bustle of Hyderabad, few kilometres away from the Town of Moinabad and the connecting highway.
Our whole extended family was there, families of my siblings and families of our children that is family members belonging to three generations. Everyone enjoyed every moment of our stay. Indoors, there was lively chit chatting, joking and playing of number of games. During the two mornings, an evening and a night we were there, it was cool outdoors and family members enjoyed long walks, playing Cricket, Shuttle Badminton and spent time at the Swimming pool. In the night; sitting in the lawn, not just sitting but even lying down we played Tambola for some time and then children played Dumb Charades and this went on up to 2:00 am.    Breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea and snacks were served by the resort. Other eatables and beverages were carried by us. In this memorable experience, a celebration of close bonds of love and affection in our family, we missed four family members who are abroad, my younger son, a nephew, niece-in-law and my lovely 3 year old grandnephew.
The attached photographs I think will convey more about our outing, than what I wrote.  

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