Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cuisines of India.

The above poster has prompted me to write on Indian Cuisines, of course not exactly because it would require several experts and several books to cover the subject, even that not entirely. It is just about my experience with some Indian Cuisines.
There are so many provinces in our Country and so many communities with distinct Cuisines and countless recipes that would astonish anyone. I visited Cities in almost every State and Union Territory of our Country for 16 years, as part of my official work dealing with supplying, commissioning and servicing of CNC Machines. During these visits I got to taste a number of speciality items mentioned against each province in the above poster and also many other, either at the houses of colleagues stationed there, or at parties by customers or at local eateries. It was a wonderful opportunity and I looked forward to such occasions and enjoyed the experience. Of course I do this even now but less frequently and at local restaurants.
The above poster prompted me to refresh my memory on these experiences and look for some brief description of popular cuisines of our Country. In this quest, I found two articles very interesting. I am providing links to these two articles, so that readers of my blog would benefit from them during their travel to different parts of our Country:

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