Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Happy 10th Anniversary “Google Earth”.

At the outset, Happy 10th Anniversary Google Earth. Google Earth was launched on 28th June 2005 and it has just completed 10 years.
I got the news of Google Earth completing 10 years of yeoman and awesome free service to countless users, about three weeks late. This happened today morning as I was searching through Google Earth; the entire course of River Godavari for a convenient and suitable Pushkar Ghat, for a holy bath. It helped me in choosing Soan Pushkar Ghat, the closest to Sriram Sagar Project/Dam (Pochampad Dam), where River Godavari is clean and in full stream. And we are going there next Friday. As users of Google Earth we are familiar with the messages, “Thank you for downloading Google Earth” and “Thank you for using Google Earth”. So in return it is an apt occasion for me to say – “Thank you Google Earth for providing the entire and minutest visuals and information of our planet right in front of my eyes every time I approached you”. Apart from the vast information I have gained from Google Earth, I have used Google Earth images of various places in my blog to present a better understanding of my articles to my readers. And then without any hurdles I can view amazing images of the streets and houses where my son and nephew live in distant Birmingham –U.K. and New Zealand.
Below this article you may see a few instances of how I have used Google Earth images in my blog.

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