Friday, March 13, 2015

Age does not matter or deter the magic and wonder of books.

Age does not matter or deter the magic and wonder of books. Once you are accustomed to reading you would always love to read. If you love reading literature, fiction, poetry, history, travel, politics and health or cookery or any other subject you will always find something to keep you peacefully and happily engaged, and gift yourself knowledge and entertainment. My father was an avid reader and with his influence and encouragement and with so many books and magazines in the house, that interest passed on to us and then to the next generation and the next generation. You will find books in every room of our house on a variety of subjects, including the kitchen with cookery books and there would have been many more but for internet which has become a big source of reference and information nowadays. I mentioned about rooms and books because of a popular and apt quotation by Heinrich Mann: “A house without books is like a room without windows” - Windows through which you can see and learn about anything and everything in the entire world, know life and history of people everywhere, see the beauty all over the world as you please and entertain yourself with marvellous literature…fiction and non-fiction.
Some motivation and gifting of books to children would turn them into lifelong readers. This hobby would add to their happiness at every age and be their lifelong story-telling and informative companion. Here are some pictures to affirm that…and of our family enjoying reading.


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