Friday, December 19, 2014

Telangana is under cold wave.

Since the beginning of December this year winter has been active in Telangana. Especially nights and early mornings are very cold. And the last few days have been the coldest. Hyderabad recorded the season’s lowest temperature at 9.2 degrees Celsius yesterday that is on Thursday, 18th December, lowest since 2005. Adilabad in North Telangana was the coldest place in Telangana, with the temperature plummeting to 4 degrees Celsius, an all-time record. And the towns of Ramagundam, Nizamabad and Medak and surrounding areas also recorded the minimum temperature of 9 deg. Celsius and lower. Tonight’s weather prediction also is ‘very chilly’ for Hyderabad and the entire State.
It is predicted that this unusual cold wave would continue for few more days in Hyderabad and all over Telangana. The last lowest temperature recorded in Hyderabad is 8.7 deg. Celsius on 27th December 2005, that is nine years ago. And the lowest ever temperature recorded in Hyderabad is 6.1 deg. Celsius on 8th January 1946.  
While some are enjoying this unusual cold weather, the majority are inconvenienced and suffering.

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