Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How could they kill innocent children? I am shocked, grieved and angered.

Yesterday, terrorists mercilessly and most cruelly killed 132 young students and 9 teachers and injured many at Peshawar Army Public School. This barbaric act is simply horrific and disgusting. What a heart-wrenching tragedy it is to the parents, siblings, relatives and friends of these unfortunate victims. I am shocked, grieved and angered, so will all the people who have heard of this gruesome tragedy. Any message of condolence or condemnation would not lessen their grief. I wish there will no more terrorism in the world and such meaningless sorrow.
Terrorists have no heart, they are sick people with sick ideas and seven of them who carried out this massacre have been executed by the Pakistan military during the siege of the School, preventing a much bigger tragedy in this School of 1100 students. But the main barbarians, the perpetrators, the villains who corrupt the minds of the weak to carry out such cruel acts are still free. 
All civilized countries of the world should view this tragedy very seriously and unite to fight terrorism and countries that breed and promote terrorism against neighboring countries and the world over. There should be no more tolerance of terrorism and supporters of terrorism.
For detailed news on this tragedy you may click on the following link:

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