Saturday, May 3, 2014

Long Live World Press Freedom – But May India’s Dirty and Biased News Media End.

Today is World Press Freedom Day. World Press Freedom Day is observed annually on 3rd May to remind countries and people all around the world, that freedom of the press and freedom of speech and expression are fundamental human rights. Yes it is a day to celebrate and strive for Press Freedom and freedom of speech and expression around the world. Everyone loves freedom and would certainly appreciate and support this movement. But what do we do with an irresponsible, dirty and biased media. It is out of frustration I wrote this verse about the majority of Indian News Media:
I Hate India’s Biased News Media.

Silence kills democracy,
And a free press talks,
And keeps democracy healthy!
But the dirty biased media,
Run by characterless owners,
Or controlled by greedy politicians,
And covered by corrupt rascals,
For purely personal interests,
Does no good to our society,
It is disservice to the majority,
To our Nation,
And our democracy.
It is unfortunate,
Today everywhere in India,
In print and electronic media,
Very few stand for ethics,
And the rest show and report,
Mostly contempt and untruths,
Just for their benefit.
This is not good for our country,
And our democracy.
- N. Raghu.

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