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Portrayal of Lord Sri Rama by Narada Maharishi.

On the occasion of Sri Rama Navami today, I wish to present an excellent portrayal of Lord Sri Rama by Narada Maharishi, which is the basis of Valmiki Ramayana.
I came across this description from an English translation in PROSE; of the original Valmiki Ramayana in Sanskrit VERSE. The English translation I am reproducing below is from the book titled Ramayana by Sri Manmatha Nath Dutt, published in the year 1891:
Maharishi Valmiki asked the best of sages and foremost of those conversant with words, ever engaged in austerities and Vaidika studies, and also Narada Maharishi, “Who at present in this world is alike crowned with qualities, and endued with prowess, knowing duty, and grateful, and truthful, and firm in vow, who is qualified by virtue of his character, and who is ever studious of the welfare of all creatures? Who is learned, hath studied society, and knoweth the art of pleasing his subjects? And who alone is ever lovely to behold? Who hath subdued his heart, and controlled his anger, is endowed with personal grace, and devoid of malice; and whom, engaged in battle, do even the Gods, fear? Great is my curiosity to hear of such a person. Though canst, O Maharshi, tell me of a man of this description”.
Hearing Valmiki’s words, Narada, cognizant of the three worlds, said with alacrity, “Do thou listen! Rare as are the qualities mentioned by thee, I will, O sage, having duly considered, describe unto thee a person endued with them. There is one sprung from the line of Ikshwaku, known by the name of Rama. He is of subdued soul and exceeding prowess; effulgent; endowed with patience; having senses under control; intelligent; learned in morality; eloquent; crowned with grace; the slayer of foes; broad-shouldered; possessor of mighty arms, a conch-shaped neck, fleshy jaws, and a broad chest, a powerful bowman; the repressor of foes; having plump shoulder-blades; of arms reaching down under his knees; with a beautiful head; and a graceful forehead; and endowed with excellent might; having symmetrical limbs; and of a cool hue; and possessed of prowess; and having a well developed chest, with expansive eyes; crowned with auspiciousness and favourable marks; knowing duty; firm in promises and engaged in the good of his subjects; of accomplished renown; furnished with knowledge; pure in body and spirit; modest towards superiors; versed in self-knowledge; blest with prosperity; destroyer  of enemies, protector and supporter of all living beings, practising all the duties of this class; and preserving those cleaving unto him; versed in the profundity of Vedas and the Vedangas; accomplished in archery; gifted with a good memory; ascertaining with rapidity the truth of things; the darling of all; unreproved; unvanquished spirit; discerning; proficient in every branch of learning; ever resorted to by the good even as the ocean is, by the rivers; worthy of being honoured; having an equal regard for all; and capable of filling the heart with ever-new sensations. Crowned with every grace; he enhanceth the joys of his mother Kausalya; being like unto the sea in gravity and unto the Himavat (Himalayas) in patience. In prowess, he is like Maha Vishnu. In anger he resembleth the fire rangig at the dissolution of all; and in forgiveness, he is like unto the Earth. In giving away, he is unto (Kubera) the Bestower of riches, and in truth, he is like Dharma.”
And this prompted Valmiki Maharishi to write Ramayana.
Here are links to some articles I wrote earlier in connection with Sri Rama Navami and Lord Sree Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple at Bhadrachalam where a very grand celebration is taking place today:

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