Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Can you name two Nobel laureates who worked in Secunderabad?

And the answer is, Sir Ronald Ross and Sir Winston Churchill. Sir Ronald Ross won the Nobel Prize for Physiology/Medicine in 1902 and Sir Winston Churchill won the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature in 1953.
Sir Ronald Ross was posted as General Duty Medical Officer to the Regiment stationed in Secunderabad in 1893. Though he was a Surgeon by qualification, he was attracted towards research in tropical diseases, especially Malaria. During his posting, he worked on his research from a laboratory about 2 kms. from our house, in the old Begumpet Military Hospital building. This building was surrounded by marshes which proved rather helpful for his research and experiments. It was in this building on 20th August 1897 that he made the discovery of the Malarial parasite inside the body of a Mosquito. His study confirmed that Mosquitoes were the carriers of Malaria parasite. For his work in demonstrating the life-cycle of the parasites of Malaria in Mosquitoes, and thus establishing the hypothesis of Laveran and Manson, Sir Ronald Ross was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1902.
Sir Winston Churchill, the most popular Prime Minister of United Kingdom; from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955, was posted in Secunderabad as a Subaltern (Second Lieutenant) for a very short period in and around 1896-97. He lived in a bungalow in Bolarum, Secunderabad, surrounded by a large compound. It is still pointed out to visitors. He was very conscious of the fact that he and his colleagues were in Secunderabad to keep guard on the Nizam and the Old City of Hyderabad. He was also a member of the prestigious Secunderabad Club. Sir Winston Churchill received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1953 for his numerous published works; especially his six-volume set “The Second World War”.  

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