Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April fool! It is not a Generator; it is a Swiss Army Mobile Bakery Wagon!

Diesel Power Generators are a common sight along the roads and in buildings of Hyderabad, due to decades of Power shortage. So when one is passing along Road No. 10, Banjara Hills, or is visiting Ofen Bakery for the first time, at first glance would think that the Olive green Mobile Wagon stationed in front of the bakery is an enclosed Diesel Power Generator.
It is not a Generator; it is a marvellous Mobile Bakery from Switzerland, designed by Swiss Army for its troops with tremendous capabilities. In case electricity is not available it runs on Diesel Generator. The Electric Power is required for the Water Boiler, the Flour Sieve, Dough Kneading Machine, illumination etc. And the Oven can be heated either by Coal, Firewood, Diesel or LPG! And this compact standalone bakery is said to have an output of 2000 Kg. Bread per day! Cakes and Pastries are also baked in this wagon!
And ‘Ofen’ restaurant (Ofen - Oven in Swiss/German) stands out as one of the top most Bakeries in Hyderabad serving authentic and delicious Breads, Pastries and Cakes and a variety of other delectable European dishes.

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