Friday, March 7, 2014


International Women’s Day may be tomorrow but Google has just now brought out an interactive doodle celebrating the colourful spirit of women all over the world. The doodle has the Roman symbol of Venus which also represents women in a playful way with the second ‘O’ in the Google logo featuring a big yellow play button which starts rolling colourful balls indicating the circle of life.
The cartoon gives way to a short video of women from all over the world wishing a Happy International Women’s Day in the local language. The video has a Muppet speaking in Hindi and features famous women like Asha Bhosle and Malala Yousafzai before it ends with a green banner below the Google logo wishing “Happy International Women’s Day”.
The smaller symbols of Venus all around the central character seem to frolic around as if standing together in a party or a concert.
You may now watch this lovely video:

Greetings from Mrs. N. Lalitha Raghu:

Wishing you a day filled with goodness and warmth,
Wishing you happiness… today and forever,
Happy Women’s Day!
- Mrs. N. Lalitha Raghu.

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  1. Oh I couldn't see the video but thank you for celebrating our day:)


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