Sunday, March 30, 2014

Exactly a month to go, think well before you Vote.

With one month to go for the General Elections in our Telangana State, I just sent this email to the family, to be prepared to cast their Vote on 30th April 2014. We always cast our Votes and we will do so this time. As for you, please refer to the above poster for your '2014 Elections Polling Date'.
You too please cast your Vote. Vote wisely for good leaders, good governance and rapid all-round development; do not let your franchise be wasted.
In the worst scenario, consider NOTA option (None of the above option) and hopefully may others in your constituency also realise the hopeless situation and Vote for NOTA, paving way for another election with worthy candidates.
Please SAVE our Country from power hungry, land grabbing, money laundering, betraying, backstabbing, corrupt and unworthy to rule politicians.

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