Monday, August 5, 2013

List and links to my blog posts on Kothagudem, Singareni Collieries, Bhadrachalam, Godavari River, Parnashala, Kinnerasani and Papikondalu:

Kothagudem Town and Singareni Collieries were a part of our life for 30 years that is from 1952 to 1982. Though it is now over 30 years since we left Kothagudem the memories of that period are still with us. This prompted me to post a few articles in brief of our life and experiences at Kothagudem to my blog: Raghu’s column! -  Since then I have been occasionally receiving messages from visitors to my blog who are surprised to read these articles on a place and Company which interests them. They contact me enquiring about me, introducing themselves and sharing their experiences and finally landing up with many common contacts and establishing new friendships. As most of them would have reached me after reading just one article of mine I make it a point to email a list of all my articles on Kothagudem, Singareni Collieries and the surrounding interesting places that we may have frequently visited during our stay there or revisited in recent times and they are happy to see them. Here in this post I am furnishing a consolidated list of Article-titles with Links / URLs to my various blog posts on Singareni Collieries, Kothagudem, Bhadrachalam, Godavari River, Parnashala, Kinnerasani and Papikondalu so that I can forward to them just the link of this particular blog post and they would be able to view all my articles by clicking on the links I have detailed below. And many other visitors looking for news and information about Singareni Collieries and it’s mining towns through various search engines may also directly reach this blog post and get to read some or all of my articles. 
I hope more and more visitors will visit my blog, find my articles interesting, get in touch with me and share their Singareni connections and experiences.
The Singareni Collieries Company Limited, Kothagudem – Part I:
The Singareni Collieries Company Limited, Kothagudem – Part II:
The Singareni Collieries Company Limited, Kothagudem – Part III:
Yellandu Club:
Anxious to visit Bhadrachalam:
Our family with the Presidents of India:
Papikondalu cruise on Independence Day – 2009:
Sri Rama Navami:
Our family’s humble offering to Lord Sree Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple in Bhadrachalam:
Kinnersani River / Reservoir / Wildlife Sanctuary / Picnic Spot:
On and along our favourite river, Godavari!:
Singareni Songs on You Tube:
Singareni Collieries Anthem, “Singareni Bhoomi Bangaru Shreni...”:
Singareni Collieries Song – “Levoyi Chelikada Maa Ghani Panivadu...”:

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