Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cranky Politician, Padayatra / Walkathon is not a Mantra for victory in elections.

Cranky Politician, ‘Padayatra + Venomous speeches + Everything free’ is not a ‘Mantra’ for victory in elections.  Your character, your honesty, your sincerity, your ability and a record of your past performance and fulfilment of past promises is very important. 
This is what a common man has to say about a Politician’s Padayatra:
“All my life; I & many like me have been walking for work, water and every errand and this doesn't make us feel sorry or great. But when a politician begins a Padayatra; obviously making impossible promises and begging for Votes, a huge cacophony is raised about the greatness of the politician’s walk. Every step, kilometre and day is celebrated and presented as a record. I for one will not be fooled by this drama”.

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