Wednesday, December 5, 2012


“Gaygulu”, pictures of which you see at the top of this article are edible tuber. Baked, grilled or boiled, they are tasty and very nutritious. Though it is still a very popular snack in rural areas, its availability in Hyderabad has become very scarce. I have grown up tasting it as often as possible. But nowadays, it is not easily available in the city and I am seriously looking for them. And today when I saw them for sale on a pushcart, I pulled over and bought two small bundles of Gaygulu.
Gaygulu is the Telugu name for the tuber that is the fleshy stems attached to the roots of Palmyra Palm trees. I understand that they are popular in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu too and are known there as Panai Kizhangu or Panamkizhangu. If you have not yet tasted Gaygulu, you must try; you will find them interesting and tasty but with lot of straw that you have to chew and spit out. After all they are tuber like Potato and who doesn’t love Potatoes.
You may click on the following link to read my exhaustive article on Palmyra Palm trees, fruits and its various by-products like Gaygulu:

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