Monday, December 10, 2012

Bluffers, Deceivers, Rogues, DO NOT PROLONG T-DECISION.

Bitterness of T-people is growing like a deadly monster and their anger like fire. Three years have passed since the announcement of formation of separate Telangana State (9th December 2009) and the uprising of the villains against the decision – the very politicians who supported the formation of Telangana State in two General elections of 2004 and 2009 and have come to power on this plank, and stood by Telangana even up to minutes before the announcement turned into villains and protested the decision. The timid rulers buckled and are proclaiming that discussions are going on to arrive at a solution. Three years! and this drama of false assurances and confusing statements are continuing and there is no change in the misrule and ill-treatment of this area and its people.
The ire of the local people has made the deceiving politicians and their political parties eat dust in every bye-election that took place since 2009, they have lost not only elections but even deposits, what a shame. With general elections in 2014, every political party once again has started giving tall speeches and assurances that they support or have no objection to the formation of Separate Telangana. The people of Telangana now know the true colours of the ever deceiving politicians, if these politicians do not unite and mend their ways to strive and achieve Telangana State, they shall be routed out in the next general elections and hopefully the hypocritical dynastic rule. And maybe then lessons would be learnt and the ensuing new equations and powers will uphold the need and promise of separate Telangana State. 

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