Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12 - Celebratory Outing!

The above clipping is of my wife’s status update on facebook, regarding our outing today. The posted text is as follows, followed by photographs:

“Today, 12th December is my birthday according to my School records! But my actual birthday is on 4th December. I am told that my maternal grandmother’s brother, Sri Govindachary Thaatha, coordinated my admission into Kindergarten Class, at St. Anthony’s Girls High School, Secunderabad, and at that time somehow my date of birth got wrongly entered into school records as 12th December.

Today on 12/12/12, to celebrate this interesting date and also my ‘School Records Birthday’ we went on an outing to a scenic place and here are those photographs:

Mrs. N. Lalitha Raghu.”

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