Saturday, June 9, 2012

Refreshing and Colorful Summer Chillers and Thirst Quenchers!

There is nothing like a glass or more of something cold to drink when the summer heat is bothering you. Water would do the job but it becomes monotonous. Instead one can have countless variety of nourishing beverages. With some fresh or canned fruit juices, milk, curd, buttermilk, fruit syrups, crushes, squashes and ice at home; one can make delicious and colorful cold drinks and mocktails in a few minutes, to entertain and delightfully quench thirst of themselves and guests.
The above colorful photographs are a result of my wife and our granddaughter playfully churning a variety of mocktails for all of us today, and as an afterthought making an elaborate display, for my wife’s facebook photo post and my current blog post!
The video below is of some recent mocktail parties at home which you may find colorful, interesting and entertaining:

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