Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Roads Are Victims of Corruption – And We Suffer.

Roads all over the world have a service life of at least five years, extending up to 30 years! but in Hyderabad it is just a few months or a year at the most! The above pictures are of the road in front of our house – Prenderghast Road, and the pictures at the bottom of this article are of an adjacent road – Sirdar Patel Road. This morning I went out to capture these pictures. The condition is much worse all along these two roads and the other three roads adjoining our house that is Mahatma Gandhi Road, Minister Road and Sarojini Devi Road. I am not saying all roads in the Twin Cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad are bad but most roads certainly are, with potholes, cracks, sudden depressions, dislodged loose gravel and clouds of dust rising from such places, enough to irritate us and gradually damage our vehicles.
Someday they will be shabbily repaired or re-laid to last just for a few months, to benefit those involved in the works and for our convenience! I wish the period of convenience for the citizens would last forever and then what is the benefit for those involved in ordering and executing frequent road repairs and re-laying.
This is one of the many ways in which corruption affects us – a very obvious and blatant outfall of corruption that you can see in front of your houses and every few feet on certain roads. 

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