Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Condolence Message to INC.

My deepest condolences to you and every Sonia bakth, for your ignominious defeat in the recently conducted by-polls, in Telangana and Andhra. You have lost miserably in 16 of the 18 Assembly constituencies and in the lone Parliament - Lok Sabha constituency poll by a margin of 291,741 votes. Further you have lost deposits in six constituencies! And as per overall vote share percentage you stand third, with just 21.84%.

In Parkal constituency you have earned the dubious distinction of taking the fifth position, with just 5,099 (3.2%) votes polled in favour of you while the victor TRS party polled 51,936 (33.02%) votes! It is not just this time. You have been losing every election and deposit in Telangana region in the recent past.
It is very clear that people of Telangana do not trust your party and your local MLAs and Ministers. You deserve such defeats!
I wish to see your annihilation in Telangana, in the next elections!
Good-bye, and in advance, May your Soul Rest in Peace!

P.S. As for TDP the less said, the better. It has lost everywhere and even deposits at five places! TDP CEO and leaders have been canvassing every day since their defeat in 2004 announcing many freebies, criticizing every other politician and political party and giving sermons on voting for the most people friendly, honest, efficient, development and result oriented party and candidates, meaning themselves. All the supporters of TDP and other voters have followed these instructions strictly and ensured the victory of exemplary 18 MLAs and 1 MP who do not belong to TDP! 

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