Saturday, June 2, 2012

Live Cooking Stations and Flamboyant Flambé Flourishes!

Buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner with at least one live cooking station has become very common with most restaurants, these days. A live cooking station enhances our dining experience. We can enjoy - witnessing an expert chef preparing our choice and have it attractively plated fresh and hot or cold! Commonly found live Omelet and Dosa stations have expanded to innumerable types of live stations like Pizza and Pasta station, Wok and Stir Fry station, Tandoor and Tikka station, Chinese corner, Chat bhandar, Chocolate fountain, Ice Cream Cold station, Pan Stall and so on. Such live stations are an attraction at restaurants and at parties with very small gatherings. But at very large gatherings this is an inefficient and futile arrangement, crowding, queuing and waiting at these live stations is very irritating.
Among many exciting varieties of live cooking stations, one that would stand out as an extraordinary entertainer is Flambé cooking or Flambéing. Flambé is a French word, meaning flaming, that is igniting foods for a dramatic effect and to develop a rich flavor. Several extravagant Flambé foods are made using fruits, salads, meats, desserts and drinks. There are a number of Flambé dishes which are easy enough to make at home and impress your family and guests. You can see one such dish “Banana Flambé” being made by us at our house. The first video at the top of this article shows the Flambéing process and the second one is a detailed video on the entire cooking process of “Banana Flambé”. I hope you will find the videos interesting.
Warning: Flambéing is a very dangerous cooking process involving lot of serious risks.
The pictures below are of our entire family happily participating in barbecuing! In our backyard.

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