Thursday, June 21, 2012

Congratulations! AP Transport Department!

Congratulations! Transport Commissioner, Additional Transport Commissioner, Joint Transport Commissioners, Deputy Transport Commissioners, Regional Transport Officers and hundreds of  Motor Vehicle Inspectors and Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspectors for discovering in the last three days that a number of Private Travel Buses and School Buses are plying in violation of license and fitness rules. In the process you have prevented the Bus operators from further cheating the Government exchequer and causing tragic damage to public life and property.

This I understand is the primary duty of RTA, so I wonder why there has been so much neglect for so long. If all this was curbed much before, many lives that were lost in road accidents; could have been prevented and perhaps the lives of 32 Shirdi pilgrims in the recent mishap avoided. It was a heartrending tragedy, 32 persons, mostly youngsters lost their lives and then we woke up to all these transport irregularities.
As a result of weeklong news following the Shirdi Bus accident, I think everyone has developed a Bus phobia and is travelling under tremendous anxiety and fear. Thank God, I don’t have any Bus travelling to do in the near future. I hope things will improve soon.
In the meantime, as is the trend, the CBI should step-in to find reasons responsible for these irregularities and severely punish the culprits.  

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