Friday, May 25, 2012

This - My 501st Blog Post is about the Present Status of My Blog: “Raghu’s column!”

I am happy to announce that I have just completed posting my 500th article to my blog. After I posted my first article to this blog site on 20th April 2009, I sent an email to my family, friends and relatives as follows: “Hi! Everyone, I have just started blogging under the title: ‘Raghu’s column!’ I strongly wish and hope I would find time to contribute regularly to this column on wide ranging topics: My views, memoirs, parties, forthcoming events, local issues / news, family announcements and many more topics. Please visit from time to time, please read my articles and post your comments for me and others to benefit”.
At the time when I began blogging, I never thought I would reach a figure of over 500 blog posts. As events came up and ideas, thoughts and memories sprang up in my mind I kept writing as and when possible and in these three years, to be precise in 37 months, I have posted 500 articles with well over 3,500 photographs. My son, Srinath is abroad in UK, and my nephew Dr. Uday Bhaskar is in Saudi Arabia and similarly a number of my friends, relatives and ex-colleagues who are far away are very happy to read my posts on current events at Hyderabad and those concerning me. And the blog is serving as a ready reckoner for me, our family and friends over various subjects concerning us and I presume it is helping a large number of other visitors reaching my blog in search of information.   
I wish to continue blogging as long as possible, as I am thoroughly enjoying this new found hobby.  
With a modest number of registered followers but a very large number of unregistered regular followers and hundreds of random visitors to my blog there have been over 170,000 page views so far, from every nook and corner of the world. Here is a glimpse of the statistics and my blog posts:

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