Wednesday, May 23, 2012

MY 500th BLOG POST: What if the Petrol Price has gone up yet again today.

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Congratulations! Ruling party, Congratulations! for increasing the price of Petrol. Congratulations! Beneficiaries of our Rich Government! You can expect more Freebies now; apart from those you already enjoy! - Interest Free Loans, Free Houses, Free Rice, Cheap Rice, Cheap Provisions, Free Power, Free Meals, Free Medical Aid, Substantial Unemployment Allowances, Enhanced Pensions,  Free Gas Stoves, Free Gas, Free Bicycles, Free Laptops, Free Fans, Free Grinders, Free Marriage Ceremonies and come Elections free money from most political parties. It is raining Freebies and Money for the most privileged population of our country. Can any country in the world beat India at this magnanimity?
Now with the increase in Petrol Price by 10%, I hope our Government will be in a position to offer more Freebies. Hope this will enable the Ruling Party to soon distribute FREE GOLD! among its supporters and to ensure eternal power to Antonia Edvige All Blindina Madestino and her progeny! Long live India, Long live our Democracy! Or should I say Monarchy and Anarchy from the point of view of Telangana people struggling for freedom from decades of misrule and betrayal.

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