Monday, May 21, 2012

A Comfortable Train Journey!

For fifteen years I have traveled a great deal all over the country on official trips; alone or with colleagues attending to commissioning and servicing of CNC Machines. My Company and our customers were very much satisfied with my work and this good performance resulted in more and more trips for me. Business trips became a routine, on an average fifteen a year. However comfortable the to and fro journeys and the outstation stays were and the results of my job good, I always felt these away from home trips stressful and cumbersome.
In contrast occasional short outings and one or two long annual vacations with the family are quite relaxing and enjoyable. All such outings totally unrelated with my job and well planned for maximum entertainment have always turned out to be very happy ones. The happiness of the family outings and vacations starts from the moment you leave the house and lasts during the journey, on arrival at the destinations, the stay there, during sightseeing and continues as you return home safe and thrilled. Further with photographs and videos to remind us of many aspects of such holidays, they remain memorable to us.
In this blog of mine, I have written from time to time about several such vacations of our family along with photographs. And here below, I am presenting a video of a very comfortable to and fro train journey we made in a CoupĂ© during one of our vacations. I hope you will find this video and my earlier travel related photoblog-posts interesting. 

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