Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Food not only has to taste good but also has to look good.

Food not only has to taste good but also has to look good, because we first eat with our eyes! Everyone can cook food at home, a little garnishing; an artistic presentation would make that food enticing and greatly enhance its value. Even a simple and common preparation when presented as a piece of art becomes tempting and delicious! An attractive presentation of food is important since it indicates that you value your family and guests enough to go to the trouble to try and achieve something beyond the mundane. It is to show them that you love preparing and serving food to them in the best possible manner in a comfortable and pleasing environment.

Fine dining restaurants and various food related TV shows are a great inspiration in this direction. One may not achieve the perfection of best chefs, but it is easily possible to decorate any preparation by artistically plating it and garnishing with commonly available vegetables, nuts, sauces, syrups and whatever you may think of to make the serving colorful and attractive.

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