Friday, May 18, 2012

Australian presence is multiplying around Hyderabad!!!

Yes! Australian presence is multiplying rapidly around Hyderabad and in the Districts around it! With encouragement from Government (NABARD) and experts in this Australian business, local people have taken interest in this new occupation and seem to be making reasonably good profits. It is a business involving supply of healthy food, a variety of medicines and fashionable goods!
I am talking about EMU, the National bird of Australia. Far from its native habitat in Australia, these flightless Emu birds can now be found in several numbers at various farms around Hyderabad. FARMING of Emu birds is taking place on a very large scale, along every road and highway leading to the city and at many other adjoining places.
Emu bird is the second largest surviving bird in the world after the Ostrich. It is a very commonly found bird in Australia. At the top of this article you can see pictures of these birds (However, the birds in Photos No. 4 and 5; are of Ostriches in Hyderabad). The flightless Emu birds can grow up to a height of 2 mtrs., that is 6 & ½ feet and weigh up to 60 kgs. They are brown in color, with short wings and soft feathers. They have long and thin; but very strong necks and legs. Emu birds can travel great distances at a fast rate, they can at times sprint at 50 km/hour that is 31 mph. And they are very good swimmers. Normally Emu birds live up to over 35 years.
As these birds can adapt to a variety of climatic conditions ranging from the cold winters to the extreme heat, they are now being raised throughout the world. The reason for the growth of Emu Farms is the increasing demand for its Meat, Oil, Skin, Eggs and Claws. The meat is available at Inorbit Mall since long, and it is now available at Spar too. Emu meat is being projected as tasty and pleasing red meat, packed with protein and rich in Iron and Vitamin B12.  This red meat is said to be an excellent alternative for health conscious consumers who love the taste of traditional red meat but desire lower cholesterol, lower fat and calories. Today’s health conscious consumers are very happy with Emu meat. We tried this meat and found it tasty. The tenderness and texture of Emu meat enables it to be prepared in a variety of ways.
Emu oil is said to be nature’s “perfect emollient”, a superb trans-dermal carrier that promotes healing from the inside out. It is used as a natural anti-aging agent, as a moisturizer, to reduce Keloid scarring, it is used for lowering cholesterol levels and for faster healing of burn injuries, and it is used as an anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic medicine.
Each bird yields about 9 sq.ft of soft and smooth skin which is in great demand in leather industry. The feathers are used in fashion industry, toy making and as feather dusters. The Claws and Eggs are used in making a variety of souvenirs.
It is easy to rear Emu birds. The shelter and other requirements are minimal and they can be easily fed with seasonal vegetables though they are accustomed to eating some worms in the wilderness.
Emu bird farming means no risk business with assured profits on every part of the birds! 

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