Wednesday, December 7, 2011

To safeguard my house, it is my right to reprimand my inefficient and stealing servants.

A letter to M/s. Indian Numbskull Company:
You are a corrupt, irresponsible, deceitful, indecisive, inefficient and a greedy; Company. It is unfortunate that we have entered into a contract with you to be our servants and take care of our house for five years.
Do always remember that you are our servants, SERVANTS, S E R V A N T S, including your Chairman & Managing Director. We have every right to criticize your clumsy talk and your innumerable misdeeds. We shall respect and treat you well; only as long as you serve us sincerely and well. Just because we have given you power to watch our house does not mean you have become our masters. Remember that we can kick you out the moment this five year contract terminates.
As usual at the end of your term you will come begging to us with false promises and fall at our feet for extension. Decades of your dirty tricks to enter our house as servants and then misrule and boss over us will soon come to an end. We are fed up with mismanagement by you. We shall then surely neck out you and your fit for nothing Chairman and Managing Director and all the buffoons in your Company and of course your upcoming leader, so called super human being.
Don’t you dare tell us not to criticize you. With the power we have entrusted you, you have the guts to tell us not to use the social networking channels to point a finger at your never ending mistakes. Don’t act like dictators and villains and harm the interests of your masters. We reprimand you for your mistakes, correct yourselves or you will be out of business.
The wise world is not prepared to listen to villains like you. And today’s papers are full of such news:

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