Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is today “Remember Afzal Guru Day”?

Is today “Remember Afzal Guru Day”? Yes, because it is the tenth anniversary of his attack on our Parliament! The media is busy covering him and debating his mercy petition. The parliamentarians have spared sometime today to pay tribute to the brave martyrs and heroes who protected them and the Parliament. Concerned countrymen are angry that a traitor and terrorist is not being punished.
Others in the country are perhaps watching the events as a Television serial. Looking at the way things are this Tele-serial and the other Tele-serial involving Azmal Kasab will go on for a very longtime. One must have patience to see all the interesting turns of law, administration, corruption, politics, elections, votes and so on and some day those alive may be able to see the climax scenes. And hopefully the end will make us proud of our country.
I don’t like it when people say we are like cats afraid of mice!     

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