Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sighting a ‘Pala Pitta’ bird on the occasion of Dasara Festival is considered auspicious.

Today is Dasara Festival. Since ancient times sighting ‘Pala Pitta’ bird that is ‘Indian Roller’ also known as ‘Blue Jay’; on the day of Dasara Festival is considered to be very auspicious and a good omen. The bird is very beautiful as you can see in the above pictures and it is a very popular bird in India. It is the “State Bird” of four States that is Telangana, Karnataka, Orissa and Bihar.
As it has become difficult to sight the bird in recent times and impossible to find it in the cities, some people from the villages catch these birds and roam around the towns and cities on Dasara Day showing them to people for money. Since few years this practice has been banned but however villagers still bring the birds into the city secretly and carry out their business. Call it tradition or superstition, we also believe in seeing ‘Pala Pitta’, today. We have no alternative but to see this bird in captivity. We are then buying it from the villager and taking it far out of the city (a joy ride for us) and freeing it amidst plenty of trees.
The above pictures are of my nephew, Dr. Sudheer, my son, Srikanth and my wife with the ‘Pala Pitta’ that we set free today. I am sure the ‘Pala Pitta’ is safe and happy, we obviously are very happy, the villager who gave it to us is happy and I hope those who care for the bird more than us will not find fault with what we have done.


  1. the state bird is in extinct awareness should be created to hold the glory of telugu people


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