Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Politicians need to be judged and punished for their misrule, misdeeds, breach of agreements and promises...

The above video shows Sonia Gandhi – Supreme Leader and Chairperson of INC, Manmohan Singh – Prime Minister of India and Abdul Kalam – President of India, assuring and explaining the necessity for the formation of Telangana State way back in 2004.
The above video is of Chidambaram – Central Home Minister, announcing the formation of Telangana State, on behalf of the Government of India on 9th December 2009. 
Merging Telangana with Andhra State against the recommendations of First SRC- Fazal Ali commission and against the will of Telangana people was a big mistake of the Congress party in 1956. Since then contributing or turning a blind eye to the misrule of Telangana in each and every field and breach of every agreement, formula and assurance given to the Telangana region has been mostly by the Congress Party, as the local Telangana leaders were tamed or tempted by favors to remain silent spectators. All along it was the local people who suffered, raised issues and agitated. Realizing that this injustice, neglect and suffering cannot continue for long, the Congress Party assured in 2004 before and after the General Elections that they shall form the State of Telangana.
After winning the elections in 2004 nothing was done in the following five years but once again during 2009 General elections, Telangana was promised again. Finally the formation of Telangana State was announced on 9th December 2009. The Government then went back on its announcement and since then seems to be only whiling away time with idle talk as the people of Telangana belonging to every section of society are agitating for a separate State. Frustrated with the deceitful and indecisive attitude of the Government and harassment by the authorities, over 600 people have committed suicide all over Telangana region. It is in this context that the criminal case referred and explained in the attached English and Telugu newspaper clippings has been filed in Court and with the Human Rights Commission. I hope the judgment will teach the politicians to behave and pave way for the formation of Telangana State.

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