Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Letter to Lousy Leaders; nay! Traitors of Telangana.

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Lousy Leaders,
For petty posts and favors that are thrown at you, you cling to the monsters who continue to deceive and torture our province. You know that you have come to occupy these posts election after election; by making promises to people, promises that you perennially postpone giving fresh hope after every postponement. You are not leaders; you are traitors, deceivers, characterless goons of the monsters.
We may excuse you and trust you if you move away from the monsters and fight for us. Act before it is too late or you will go down in history as lousy leaders who could not protect the interests of their people and as betrayers.
GOD bless you with good sense and kind hearts.  
- N. Raghu.

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