Monday, September 12, 2011

In appreciation of the performance of SCCL - A Coal Mining Company, with which we have a long association.

The Annual Accounts Report (2010-11) of the 140 year old Coal Mining Industry, and the 90 year old Singareni Collieries Company Limited, a Government Company in Telangana, is just received by me. The results are good, I am happy as the company is doing well.  
In the long past, we were directly associated with SCCL – The Singareni Collieries Company, Kothagudem, for three decades, as my father, Sri. N. Bhaskarachary has served the Company as Chief Personnel Officer for several years and later my brother, Dr. N. Lakshminarsu as Dental Surgeon and me as an Asst. Engineer for few years. A strong attachment to the Organization, the Town, and the People there with which we have been happily associated for a long period is perhaps very natural. The memories and experiences of those days live with us forever. Though it is several years since we left Singareni Collieries and Kothagudem, we feel happy whenever there is good news about the town or the Company, on TV or in the newspapers. We still have a few acquaintances and friends from Kothagudem visiting us, when they come to Hyderabad. And then there is so much for us to find out, and talk about Singareni Collieries and Kothagudem.
Further, as shareholders in the Company (though of a microscopic amount), we keep receiving information on the Board Meetings and the ‘Annual Report and Accounts’. During the year 2010-11, the Company has produced 51.33 million tons of Coal, with Gross Sales of Rupees 92.87 billion! and a Net Profit after Tax of Rupees 3514 million!
Great figures! I am elated, and I am sure that anyone who sees the above two excerpts from the Company’s Annual Report would appreciate the results, even if they do not know anything about this 140 year old Coal Mining Industry in Telangana.
Some of my readers who would like to know more about Singareni Collieries and Kothagudem and my relationship with them; may see some articles I wrote on this association, by clicking on the following links:

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