Friday, October 23, 2009

Yellandu Club.

Sitting, 1st row: L to R 1) My brother Dr. Lakshminarsu 2) Myself
Sitting, 2nd row: L to R 8) Dr. Rajendra Prasad the first President of India
Standing, 1st row: L to R 3) My mother Smt. Eshwaramma
Standing, 2nd row: L to R 3) My father Sri N. Bhaskarachary

Yellandu Club of Kothagudem was a big source of entertainment to us for 27 years. Every month and all through every year there used to be many celebrations and activities in the Club. Every Sunday night we used to see a Hindi or English movie there. Depending on the season the movies used to be screened indoors or outdoors - close to the Swimming pool or at the Tennis courts. On weekdays we used to have two ‘Club days’ when there was hectic activity at the Tennis courts, Billiards room, Shuttle badminton court, Table tennis room, Swimming pool, at the playing card tables and the Bar. Apart from all these facilities we enjoyed, we also played our own games in childhood like Hide and Seek. We also had a good Reading room with several Indian and International Magazines and a good Library. A variety of snacks used to be served on the ‘Club days’. We used to have Republic day and Independence Day celebrations and grand dinners. For Deepavali and on Christmas Eve we used to have games and prizes for the children followed by dinner. We used to get a variety of crackers as gifts which we used to burst around the swimming pool. On Christmas evening Santa Claus used to appear at the well decorated Xmas tree on stage and give away gifts to us. For Dasara we used to have a daylong outdoor picnic at some scenic place around Kothagudem. On New Year Eve there used to be a Fancy dress competition followed by some entertainment, dinner and celebrations up to midnight. On most of these occasions we used to play Tambola and Whist drive. My brother and sister always won prizes in Fancy dress competitions; it was always a first prize to my brother. Apart from these celebrations there used to be many more parties at the club when the children of members got married or some dignitaries were visiting Kothagudem or Singareni Collieries and then some or the other parties like a Welcome or Farewell party.
The group-photograph at the top of this article is of 4th July 1955 when Dr. Rajendra Prasad the first President of India visited our Club. An enlarged copy of this photograph still adorns the front hall of the Club, even now after 54 years. The color photos show some areas of the Club. The black and white photographs are of my brother – Dr. Lakshminarsu and my sister – Hemalatha in some prize winning Fancy dresses.
It is just not the above events I remember but also those I have enjoyed at the club as a toddler, the See-saws, the Merry-Go-Round, the Swings and Slides and the Train with an Engine and Coach on rails; driven by any elderly boy by pedaling, though these equipment were taken off the club premises may be before I was 10 years old. Good and happy times are never forgotten.
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  1. Hi am krishnaveni, we also were at kothagudem. But which batch do you belong to? My father also worked at singareni collieries. I am around 32 now and am settled in tamilnadu. When i saw your blog, wanted to know if we by any chance knew each other.

  2. Hello! Thanks for reading my Blog post. We left Kothagudem in 1979 so there is no chance of we having met. However it is possible that your parents knew my father Sri. N. Bhaskarachary, Chief Personnel Officer, Singareni Collieries, or have heard of him.Thanks once again.

  3. Brought back memories. However this photograph was much before i was born. I can see my parents, Mr. M.R. Sathaye and Mrs. Prabha Sathaye and my elder sister, Veena. I do not know if you knew my parents. They are both in Pune. Dad had a head injury 3 years ago and sometimes thinks he has not retired and still working in SCC at Ramagundam as GM. Those were the days .....
    Kalpana (Sathaye)Gupte

    1. Thanks for your comments. I know your parents very well. I am glad to know that they are fine. I met Mr.Sathaye a few times at Godavari Khani when I worked as an Asst. Engineer at the Singareni 18 MW Power Station under Mr. Mathew, between October 1979 and March 1981. When I resigned from Singareni in 1981, Mr. Sathaye helped me; by relieving me despite my five-year bond with the Company. And my father, Late Sri. N. Bhaskarachary knew him very well; you can see them together in some more photographs along with many of their contemporaries by pasting the below URL on your browser and follwoing it:

  4. Dear Raghu, Came across your blog by chance today and was saddened to hear the passing away of your beloved Mom. Our prayers are with you and other family members. Going down the memory lane, do you remember the 'Kale' family. We were your immediate neighbor until 1967 when my late dad moved to Bellampalli and late Shri Sheshagiri Rao moved into our house from BPA. Me and my siblings very well remember you all including your cousin Suri. I am in touch with Dilip Mathew. -- Mohan Kale, Liverpool, New York

    1. Dear Mohan,
      Very happy to see your letter and thank you for your message of condolences.
      Of course I remember everyone in your family and your Standard Herald Car too, the only one at Kothagudem! As a matter of fact Revathi was my classmate at St. Mary's where I studied up to 6th class and then I shifted to Secunderabad. And I also remember that my cousin Suri was your brother Pramod's classmate at the Mining Institute.
      After completing my engineering I worked in Singareni Collieries close to five years and then I joined Praga Tools Limited at Hyderabad. In 2001 I opted for Voluntary retirement and since then I am operating a CNC Machines related consultancy service at Hyderabad.
      Dilip Mathew and few other friends from Kothagudem are in regular touch with me. Sometime back Dilip mentioned about you and that you are well settled in USA.
      Very glad that you have come in contact. Please be in touch.
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      - N. Raghu.

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