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In loving memory of my dearest brother, Dr. N. Lakshminarsu.

Dr. N. Lakshminarsu
September 18, 1948 ~ August 11, 2011
My brother Dr. N. Lakshminarsu passed away on Thursday evening, 11th August 2011, at Apollo Hospital, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, as the entire family waited by his side for 13 days with great hope and prayers for his recovery. Unfortunately destiny did not want to grant us our wishes, leaving us in immense grief and sorrow. Not just the family, friends, relatives and the community, but the multitudes of patients he has treated over the past 38 years and have heard of his passing away are grieved by his demise. His good nature and kindness permeated everything he did and everyone he knew.

On 30th July after attending to patients in the Clinic he walked into the house at about 12 Noon for a brief break. He talked to few members of the family and looked very normal but suddenly due to giddiness he fell down and regained conscious within few minutes. We immediately rushed him to the hospital for checks and treatment. He was fully conscious at the time of admission but thereafter complications arose and during 13 days of the treatment he showed signs of recovery but ultimately and sadly the end came.

My brother is the eldest of three children of our parents, Sri. N. Bhaskarachary and Smt. Eshwaramma. He was born on 18th September 1948 at Secunderabad. He completed High School from Mahbub College, Secunderabad. He studied B.Sc. at Nizam College, Hyderabad, and then studied B.D.S. – Bachelor of Dental Surgery, at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. He first set up his Dental Clinic at Kothagudem in 1974 and in 1977 he joined the Singareni Collieries Area Hospital, Godavari Khani, as Dental Surgeon. He finally set up his Dental Clinic at our house – Srilekha, in Secunderabad, in 1980.

I and my brother have been together all our life. As my father was employed at Kothagudem, a small Coal mining town where the standard of higher education seemed inadequate and as we have our own house at Secunderabad, I and my brother studied together at Secunderabad from middle school onwards. And when my brother was studying B.D.S. at K.M.C. Manipal, my father sent me to Manipal Institute of Technology to study B.E. Electrical Engineering there, so that I would not feel homesick, with my brother next door to me. Then, I and my brother worked together at Singareni Collieries for few years, he as a Doctor and me as an Engineer, residing in the same Company bungalow. We mutually decided and returned to Secunderabad in 1980-1981 to our ancestral house and continued to live together. My brother established his Clinic – Vijaya Dental Clinic and I joined Praga Tools Limited, A Govt. of India Company.

My brother is married in 1973 to Smt. Vijayalaxmi, daughter of Sri. Dubbaka Yadagiri Achary and Smt. Sakku Bai. They have two sons Dr. Sudheer and Dr. Udaya Bhaskar; both are Post Graduates from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. Dr. Sudheer is an Oro-Maxillo-Facial Prosthodontist and Implantologist and Dr. Udaya Bhaskar is an Endodontist and Conservative Dentist. My brother’s both daughters-in-law are also Dental Surgeons, Dr. Lavanya Sudheer is a Cosmetic Dental Surgeon and Dr. Hina Udaya Bhaskar is a Periodontist. Dr. Sudheer and Dr. Lavanya have a daughter, Ch. Sudhiksha who is 6 years old. The love and affection between my brother and granddaughter is beyond my description.

As I recollect many fond memories of my brother my heart becomes heavy with sadness. I have written of several good times with my brother in this blog on various occasions. There are many more which come to my mind and they only add to my sadness.

My brother will always remain in the hearts of our family members and friends, and thousands of others who have come to him in pain and returned home happily. May his soul rest in peace.

Here is an article I wrote on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of my brother’s Clinic:


  1. Hello Uncle, I am Srikanth's friend. I have been moved from the time Srikanth told me about his pedananna's demise. My deeepest condolences towards such an unfortunate incident. Even today when all the families are preferring to stay single where Combined families have almost become obsolete, both you and your brother are a source of inspiration for young generations. It would be both your's and your brothers contribution towards this. I pray almighty to give you and your family members strength and courage to overcome this tough phase in life.

  2. Dear Kiran,
    Thank you for your kind message.

  3. Dear Uncle, my deepest condolences. So sorry to hear about this. I hope you are coping up well. Ping me anytime you want to talk. Take care.

  4. Dear Yashita,
    Thank you for your sympathy and support.

  5. Dear Mr.Raghu,

    I visited your blog after a few weeks and was shocked at the news of your brother's passing. While you and I don't know each other personally, your blog makes me feel like I do, especially since I have been following it for a few years. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family as you get through this difficult time, and please convey my particular condolences to your sister-in-law.

    Cleveland, Ohio, USA

  6. Dear Mr. Mohan,
    Thank you for the way you have expressed your condolences. I do remember you from the nice comments you have left at some of my articles in this blog. It is really very kind of you to extend your sympathy and support. I appreciate your gesture and I am grateful to you for this. Thanks once again and God bless you.

  7. Raghu Sir,
    I have logged into facebook after a long time and was shocked to see this news. My wife and daughter were equally shocked on hearing this.
    I visited him last year just before I came to the US and was planning to visit him when I return back. He was such a lovely person and after I visited him the first time, I never wanted to visit any other dental doctor. Infact,there is an expert dental doctor couple residing right infront of my house in Gandhinagar and they are family friends too but I never ever thought of consulting them for dental reasons.
    I sincerely offer my heartfelt and deepest condolences to your family and pray to GOD to give enough strength to all your family members to bear this great loss.

    Ohio, USA

  8. Dear Sudhakar,
    Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts about my brother and your support and sympathy.

  9. Fri, the 07th Oct, 2011 13:15 Hrs

    Dear Raghu Sir,
    Really it was disheartening injury and hope time will heel this injury.


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