Saturday, July 16, 2011

“The Hans India” a new daily Newspaper, supposedly a good one is launched!

A new English Daily Newspaper called “The Hans India” is launched in Hyderabad. The first copy of the newspaper was available at the newsstands today. You can see the clipping of the newspaper design and title at the top of this article. The name and symbol of the Newspaper is chosen as “HANS” that is Hamsa or a Swan. According to Hindu mythology Swan is a celestial bird which is the vehicle of Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswathi who represent wisdom, intelligence, consciousness, enlightenment, education and all other finer attributes. And a Swan symbolizes the power of discrimination because of its ability to separate water from milk!
This newspaper is a part of the standard and popular and noncontroversial HMTV Telugu News Channel and is owned by the Hyderabad Media House Ltd. With headquarters at Hyderabad, the newspaper is being published from Hyderabad, Warangal, Vijayawada, Tirupati and Visakhapatnam. Just as HMTV stood for impartial and high standards of journalism I am sure “The Hans India” under its Chief Editor, Sri K. Ramachandra Murthy who is also responsible for the popularity and success of HMTV will become a great newspaper and serve well the majority of people.


  1. Sir
    The 18th day's news paper is in hand. The contents are well placed, it reminds me The Pioneer news paper and also fondly remembering The Telegraph. Further I already sent an e-mail. I wish all the success at every step. The seed became a sapling and one day it is going to become Maha Vriksha and remain Amara and will lead future generation

  2. Sir
    I am very happy and came to know that The Hans India was launched on 16th inst., for one reason or the other on my birth day. However I am unable to locate the launching place, time etc., and not got the two issues, however 18th day's issue purchased. I will try to write my opinions regularly. Thanks for the issue and wish you all the success.


  3. My thoughts were identical to that of the first poster on seeing the fourth day's issue of The Hans India. Its banner and font immediately reminded me of The Pioneer. The layout is very good, with the crime news restricted to page (3). There seems to be some confusion with respect to the legal news. Apart from the designated box-slot, snippets of the previous day's important High Court and Supreme Court orders appear across several pages. I missed out yesterday's Sunday edition. Really wanted to see how their weekend and Sunday editions would be! Surprisingly, the publishers name and address appears nowhere in the newspaper (declaration of which, I guess, is mandatory under the law). They are still into limited free distribution of the newspaper in Hyderabad, and I guess it may continue till the month end. Number of advertisements is still limited. I wish them all the best!

  4. Hi friends this is Ch.Damodar I was happy when i heard about the hmtv launched a daily news paper. excellent published with great apperance now a days we should protect the values of all things in the country hans news maintaing the values in the news paper so i liked very much im taking daily one news paper for a better approach of mine to change and get knowlege on everything provided by hans india

  5. Helo sir,
    Dis is Raja .I am from ramachandra puram , patancheru contitutioncy.
    i am interested for reporter job in Hans news paper. is it there any requirement sir.

    my mobile no - 9989885514


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