Monday, July 4, 2011

Five Fridays and Five Weekends this July is not after 823 years as reported by several newspapers!

Suddenly this morning several newspapers carried news that after 823 years a July month with five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays has occurred. The news is nonsense. Please see for yourself in the calendars of 2005, 2011 and 2016 I have furnished below. The calendars of these three years are identical. It means July with five Fridays and five weekends occurred in 2005 and then again after 6 years in 2011 and would occur again after 5 years in 2016! Where is the question of 823 years!
Most newspapers today are not only biased but are sometimes stupid and report such false news. Or they are not able to project correctly some tricky interpretation of 823 years by the wise numerologists who make a living by projecting some rare numerical occurrences!
Please do not believe news from substandard newspapers, specially the local newspapers and most Telugu TV channels of “ANDHRA” Pradesh. They distort news to benefit their patrons and criticize their opponents. You may have to read a number of newspapers and their conflicting reports and then come to your own conclusions! 

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