Friday, July 8, 2011

Creeper “Madhavi Lata” has grown into “Laughing Buddha” at our house!

Creeper “Madhavi Lata” has grown into a 30 feet high “Laughing Buddha” along the façade of our house, facing the main entrance. And according to Chinese folklore a “Laughing Buddha” facing the entrance of the house brings lots of luck and prosperity to all the household members!!! In the above picture you can see a portion of our house with gigantic “Madhavi Lata” creeper in the form of “Laughing Buddha”.
“Madhavi Lata” is a woody high climbing vine with clusters of very attractive fragrant flowers. The flowers have very attractive shape and the fragrance is very strong, pleasant and resembles a fruity perfume. The fragrance is said to improve sensuality and emotional comfort. The plant and its name have long and interesting history, of which I wrote in my blog on 25th October 2009. You may read this article titled “Madhavi Lata” by clicking on the following link:
And “Laughing Buddha” is actually known as Hotei or Pu-Tai in China. He was a very kind and popular Chinese monk who lived over thousand years ago and has become a significant part of Buddhist and Shinto culture. Because of his benevolent nature as a monk, he came to be regarded as an incarnation of the Bodhisattva. His large protruding stomach and a broad smile have earned him the nickname of “Laughing Buddha”. The “Laughing Buddha’s” images are said to grace Chinese Temples, houses, restaurants and are said to be found everywhere in China. Today many forms of “Laughing Buddha” are sold as deities even in Hyderabad. It is widely believed that placing various types of idols of “Laughing Buddha” in the house are very beneficial!
The form of “Laughing Buddha” growing in our house has made us all happy! and has prompted me to write this article.

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