Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why doesn’t it rain in Hyderabad, as in the past?

JUNE has come to an end, it is a month since rainy season has started but there have been no rains in Hyderabad, just a drizzle of few minutes, on perhaps five occasions. The monsoon is sometimes showing up in the dark clouds and the cool breeze but without a drop of rain.
I wonder why it doesn’t rain in Hyderabad as in the past. I remember very well the rainy seasons of my school days. We used to have plenty of rains; I am saying this based on many memories of those rainy seasons. It used to rain mostly in the mornings or in the evenings. In the morning the rain used to start before dawn and sometimes last until little over school starting time. In such cases our school along with many other schools used to declare a holiday expecting poor attendance or fearing a school building collapse! If it is raining heavily before school time I used to call up the school to confirm a holiday and if that is not possible call up a friend close to the school and enjoy a holiday. And in the evenings it used to start raining from some time before the school is let off. This was a very regular pattern. I always carried a raincoat in my school bag.  
The past makes me wonder why it doesn’t rain in Hyderabad as before. I have no answer. The meteorological department keeps my hopes high with lots of optimism. The rains may come later, mostly due to turbulence in the Bay of Bengal rather than the South West monsoon. And give us some relief we deserve after a severe summer and fill up our City’s water supply sources to some extent so that we may continue to get 45 minutes water supply! every alternate day!

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