Saturday, June 18, 2011

Unpretentious “Upma” of South India makes international news!

Indian born Chef Floyd Cardoz won Top Chef Masters Season 3 competition at Los Angeles and won US $100,000 by preparing Upma! on 15th June that is 16th June in India. All Newspapers in Hyderabad and TV channels were happy to report this news yesterday.   
South Indians do not need an introduction to this popular and common dish. It is a very popular South Indian breakfast dish and for that matter any time snack. It is a quick and easy to prepare dish. It is a semolina porridge with Indian spices, which can be prepared with a variety of vegetables and cashew nuts and is excellent when eaten hot.
Upma is said to be a boon to the ladies as it can be prepared easily and quickly and a curse to the men folk, if it is prepared too often – ఉప్మా; ఆడ వారికి వరము, మగ వారికి శాపము.
And Chef Cardoz was kind enough to donate the prize money to the Young Scientist Cancer Research Fund, in memory of his father. 


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