Tuesday, June 7, 2011

“Namaste Telangana”, first Newspaper of and for Telangana is launched!

I have gone through the inaugural issue of “Namaste Telangana” and found it interesting.  I wish the Newspaper will become very popular and soon reach a record circulation. The Newspaper was inaugurated yesterday, 6th June 2011 and is available in the market from today. The above clippings are from the first issue of the Newspaper.
Apart from its role of being a source of information about events from India and around the World; I WISH that it’s most important duty would be to cover the News of Telangana’s 10 Districts in detail. It should expose all the neglect, injustices, atrocities, plundering, insults and brutality that Telangana continues to suffer.  It should explain of all the broken agreements, assurances and promises over the last six decades made by various Governments. It should condemn the politicians and political parties which continue to make false promises to Telangana through speeches, manifestos and mahakutamis. It should sternly deal in accusing and criticizing the betrayers of Telangana and those who are dilly dallying and delaying the formation of Telangana State. The flimsy and silly excuses and the baby talk of politicians to postpone their decision on formation of Telangana State by months and years should be criticized. These beggars of votes, who would do anything and play every trick to come to power, become slaves of their bosses to become Ministers or Chairmen and thereafter neglect us and silence our questioning with batons and bullets. They do not deserve any mercy; the Newspaper should expose and condemn them with no regard. It should counter the false stories and propaganda being spread by vested media against Telangana, Telangana people and separate Telangana movement. It should educate and unite entire population of Telangana to become powerful and bring an end to the evil forces and rule tormenting them. The Newspaper should safeguard our honor and ensure that we lead a better life forever.

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