Friday, February 18, 2011

A Wedding Invitation, weighing over one Kilogram!?

A Wedding Invitation in box, weighing over one Kilogram!? That is a very grand, huge and heavy Wedding Invitation Card/Box! from a close friend of mine. All that I have to remember from it as from any other Wedding Invitation is the date, time and venue. And then the sad part is to discard it as trash!
Choosing a Wedding Invitation depends on the taste and budget of the Bride and Groom and their families and the market offers countless options. It is not proper for me to make adverse comments on anyone’s choice of Invitations as it is a part of their dearest celebration. But I would like to express my opinion that a very simple invitation card, an invitation over phone or an email invitation from a relative or friend would be sufficient for me to convey their message. I say this because I find it very painful to tear and dispose Invitations bearing pictures of Gods and very grand and expensive ones. And this is the opinion my family and most of my friends share.


  1. no wonder ......when it comes to 'big fat weddings' India tops the charts ..and we still categorize our country under 'developing countries'

  2. Of course we are a developing country! We are developing the expensive western habit of waste!

  3. that is some invitation card!!! :-)


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