Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine’s Day Celebration – 2011, a Candlelight Dinner @ Home!

Yesterday, Valentine’s Day, was a lovely day. We celebrated it at home, with a splendid Candlelight family dinner. The above photographs speak for themselves!
In the past few years, on Valentine’s Day we cut the cake at home, exchanged gifts and then went out for dinner to some restaurant. Past experience of heavy traffic on the roads and at the restaurants made us celebrate this Valentine’s Day entirely at home. To make things easy for the ladies, part of the food was ordered from our favorite restaurant. Under Candle lights the ambience of our dining room becomes exotic and we get to enjoy a dinner filled with lots of love and togetherness!


  1. what a great way to celebrate valentines day with the loved ones. Lucky are the family members who get to have such lovely candle light diner...all planned and executed by you uncle!

  2. Dear Sohail,
    Many thanks for your nice comments.


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