Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shut your mouths, marauding multi-tongued monsters!

Before you read my article, please listen to this fervent speech (video clipping) in Lok Sabha today, in favor of “Telangana State formation” and see the news clipping pertaining to it:
(Please click on news clipping to zoom in)

As the State Assembly and the Lok Sabha are in session now, the people of Telangana belonging to every nook and corner of the area, every Government organization, every department, every community, every profession, students and the elected and other leaders have intensified their  agitation for a separate Telangana State. While the State Government is trying every dictatorial and violent method to tackle the agitating politicians, leaders and the people; the MPs of Telangana have taken up the issue in Lok Sabha. Today the demand for Telangana State reached a peak in Lok Sabha and it got overwhelming support from the NDA and few other MPs. They spoke very strongly in support of formation of separate Telangana State and urged the central Government to introduce a bill to this effect without any further delay.
Today’s developments in Lok Sabha are once again making the looters of Telangana to speak all sorts of nonsense with illogical reasoning projecting fictitious problems if Telangana is formed. And as usual they do not speak on the genuine reasons for the demand for a separate State which is concerned with the self respect of the people, decades of neglect and non-implementation of agreements, broken promises, constant cheating and deceit. These marauding monsters have either supported or promised separate Statehood for Telangana in the last two general elections and deceived the people after getting elected. Today they are once again wagging their dirty tongues against Telangana. Shame on these few dirty politicians who are harassing the people of Telangana.

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