Sunday, February 6, 2011

Praga Tools, CNC Assembly Reunion Dinner - 5th February 2011.

Tonight, we ex-colleagues of Praga Tools Limited, CNC Division, twenty of us, had a get-together Dinner Party at Hotel Nakshatra, Secunderabad. The reunion went off very well and everyone expressed that we should try and meet more often. The party lasted for over three hours which is an indication of how happy everyone was in one another’s company. And even after three hours of partying no one appeared tired and no one was in a hurry to leave. While some of us have been meeting on and off professionally or at some functions at the houses of colleagues, most among the gathering have not met for over a decade. Yet no one appeared unfamiliar with one another, it was as if we parted from ‘Praga Tools’ yesterday and have met today for the Party.
Each one of us addressed the gathering to inform about our present preoccupation and the welfare of our family. I am happy that everyone and their families are in good health and their children are doing very well.
Fortunately, I was chosen to organize the Party and extend invitations. This responsibility made me happy as I was in touch with all ex-colleagues since a week, renewing ties. I am very glad that all of them could attend the Party and make it a memorable evening for me.
"Old Friends are Best."

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