Thursday, February 3, 2011

The end of civil war in fictitious Krakozhia has made us happy! Why not the end of turmoil in Egypt and the emancipation of Telangana?

This morning an acquaintance asked me about the turmoil in Egypt. It was not difficult for me to answer because I have read and watched news about Egypt ever since the protests started there. The pictures of emotionally charged women protesters on facebook speak aloud of the frustration of the people with the present regime. I told him that the aspirations of the majority people for liberation, democracy and development should be fulfilled and that this massive struggle should not pave way for an extremist or fundamentalist regime to come to power. I said when the aspirations of the majority in any community are fulfilled it makes the whole world happy and I amusingly added that everyone was happy when the civil war came to an end in Krakozhia.
He said that he has never heard of Krakozhia and wanted to know about it. I told him that Krakozhia is a fictional country in the movie “The Terminal” of 2004, one of my favorite movies. In this movie Tom Hanks plays Viktor Navorski who is stranded at JFK International Airport when his country “The Republic of Krakozhia” becomes unrecognized by the USA, just as he lands at the airport on 16th January 2004. This is due to a rebellion in the country which is not acceptable to the USA and UNO. This unfortunate situation forces Navorski to remain stranded at the Airport and make many friends there. Ten months later in November 2004 when news breaks out at the Airport of the end of civil war in Krakozhia there is large scale celebration not only among the friends of Navorski but all the passengers at the Terminal and the audience watching the movie! In the movie, shot entirely at the Airport we are not told much about Krakozhia but feel extremely happy when that country is liberated because Navorski can keep the promise he made to his now deceased father, visit Benny Golson the saxophonist in New York, get his autograph and go back to Krakozhia happily.
May the aspirations of the people of Egypt and Telangana be fulfilled very soon, may they live in peace and prosperity forever.
A video clipping from the movie “The Terminal”:

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