Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sweet Hellos! And Sad Farewells.

My son, Srinath started back to Birmingham, U.K., today night, after being with us for 16 days. His homecoming on 9th November was a big surprise and made us immensely happy, as I wrote earlier:  "Srinath's surprise homecoming". These 16 days were well spent with lot of partying and happy times with the family and friends. However the farewell today, was with a heavy heart. We wished that he could stay with us a little longer.
It is normal to go through a crisis when children leave home. It is not easy, even though we know very well, that it is we who are encouraging them to seek better education and employment. We cannot interfere with their future and prospects however far that may be from home. Their happiness is ours. Thanks to modern times and technology, we can see and be in touch with them wherever they are in the world, whenever we desire … and that is every day.
Four days ago, on 21st November, my nephew, Dr. Uday and daughter-in-law, Hina, also left home and returned to Al-Dammam, Saudi Arabia, after being with us for 17 days. I think it will take us a few days to cope with our “Empty Nest Syndrome”.

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