Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Political discussions have become commonplace, all around me.

Discussions based on injustices, exploitation, deceit, insults and ill-treatment of one province, by the rest of the State have become commonplace. I find such discussions taking place wherever I go, the young and elderly, at offices, at family gatherings, at social events, among girls, boys, students, while traveling and even at Temples. As a matter of fact this has become a very important and favorite conversational subject when two or more people of Telangana congregate.  They are all aspiring for a separate State.
I never start a conversation on this subject, but however when one does so with me, I participate in it very enthusiastically. Things go on pretty well as people of the same province and similar opinion meet. However, in such situations, when someone differs with my opinion I debate and get into arguments. I had experienced one such hot debate yesterday, at an after wedding ceremony. I have never been like this before, because I always believed that discussing politics and religion at any place and with anybody would lead to arguments and then hard feelings. Coming to this particular subject, I cannot remain silent, because I find people differing with me are doing so on misinformation and without knowing all the facts, figures and suffering of the local people. I counter every statement of them with facts, figures and my personal experience, to prove them wrong. I become emotional and raise my voice. I do this because I do not want injustice to rule Telangana forever. 

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