Wednesday, November 3, 2010

‘Indian Paisa’ attains attention! After decades!

Thanks to TATA DoCoMo, a Cellular service provider, that the Paisa has gained attention. They introduced per second billing, at 1 Paisa per second. This was the most sensational and attractive offer. This started a tariff war among Cellular operators. They started introducing new plans, with per second billing at 1 Paisa or a fraction of it. The competition has gone so far, that it is being contemplated that the tariff would soon be 1/10 of a Paisa per second for all local calls and 1/4 of a Paisa for STD Calls. A Paisa was never discussed or dissected in this manner before.
All types of subscribers are immensely benefited and certainly very happy. And India must be proud for offering the cheapest Telecom tariff in the entire world.
The Paisa denomination coins that you see in the above chart have lost value (1, 2, 3, 5, 10 & 20 Paisa) and have gone out of circulation several years ago. No one talks about these coins today nor can they be found easily. It is just because of the competitive Cellular tariffs, that the Paisa and its fraction! is being discussed and making subscribers happy. There was a time when all the above coins could fetch some merchandise. In my school days, a single, 1 Paisa coin could fetch a few tiny fruit peppermints or tiny biscuits or a tiny Supari packet. Then one by one all the Paisa coins became worthless. And today after several years, with 1 Paisa or less, one can call family or friends anywhere in the world and say Hello! I think Paisa has become more powerful today, than ever before!


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